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In his follow-up to 2013’s Academy Award winning The Great Beauty, Italian director Paolo Sorrentino explores the lifelong bond between two friends (Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel) looking together towards the future.

Set against the summery backdrop of the Swiss Alps, Fred (Caine) and Mick (Keitel) are in-laws, both artists, and on holiday for very different reasons. Fred is a dignified Englishman who has retired from an illustrious musical career of composing and conducting, content with peace and relaxation. Mick is an American filmmaker intent on finishing what might be his last great screenplay, with his young collaborators in tow. The two spend their days ruminating on the past and present with both humor and wisdom, peppered with the antics of the resort’s eccentric roster of guests: actors, models, footballers and masseuses. Both leads are in top form here; Caine’s English reserve and Keitel’s brash Americanness each conveys a lifetime of both success and heartache in their own ways. Sorrentino elicits powerful performances from the rest of the cast, rounded out by Rachel Weisz, Jane Fonda, and Paul Dano. Tender and heart-warming, the idyllic Swiss landscape and beautiful score imbue the film with poetic richness. A triumph, Youth asks how we find our passion and proves that life-changing experiences can come even late in life.

DIRECTOR: Paolo Sorrentino
CAST: Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Paul Dano, Rachel Weisz, Jane Fonda, Mark Kozelek
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 118 min
Wednesday, October 28

8:30pm EDT