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Where To Invade Next

After a six year hiatus from being behind the camera, political documentarian provocateur returns with his most intelligent and subversive movie yet in which he endeavors to find solutions to problems on the homefront by “invading” various countries and bringing back their best ideas home for himself.

In the early frames of his newest film, Moore makes his simple mission quite clear. He triumphantly tells the Pentagon to “stand down,” as he will be doing the invading from now on. His plan - to do away with pushing our agenda on other nations and instead listen. Turning the tone of his filmmaking to less provocation and more journalistic insight, he travels to healthy school cafeterias in France and humane prisons in Norway, hoping to glean an advanced level of understanding about what makes those countries able to do what we don’t. He celebrates women’s rights in Tunisia, confronts the past with Germany and visits government funded colleges in Slovenia, in the hopes of learning how to adapt.  Utilizing a sophisticated, mature wit, the film analyzes the accomplishments of other nations in an astute and educational way. Fundamentally asking the questions about America -  where are we, where are we going, where should we go, where must we go, where do we want to be – Where to Invade Next is easily Moore’s more humorous and accessible film to date, while still maintaining the impact and analysis expected from the master documentarian.

DIRECTOR: Michael Moore
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 110 min