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Strangers when they first kiss, two young people find their playful flirtations quickly developing into something far more meaningful in this sexy, funny, yet bittersweet romance.

Near the end of a drunken costume party, Pedro takes advantage of a narrow staircase to awkwardly steal a kiss from Luciana. After a moment’s consideration and a “what the heck” shrug of her shoulders, she decides to kiss him back. Soon, they are in the back of a taxi, laughing and talking their way to his place, caught up in their own spontaneity and the freedom of a chance encounter. The next morning, when Pedro mentions that he is headed to a nearby national park to work on his thesis, Luciana decides to join him for one more night together, a casual decision that has unexpected consequences for both of them. With her second film, director Paz Fábrega discovers exciting, new possibilities in a familiar formula. With a deep understanding of her characters and aided by evocative black-and-white cinematography that beautifully captures the idyllic Costa Rican countryside, Fábrega marvelously explores the intersection between youthful exuberance and adult relationships, transforming what begins as a funny and sexy rom-com into a moving portrait of sensuality and emotional intimacy.

DIRECTOR: Paz Fabrega
CAST: Kattia Gonzalez, Fernando Bolanos
COUNTRY: Costa Rica
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 71 min
Thursday, October 29

12:10pm EDT

Saturday, October 31

12:25pm EDT