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Rising Tide, A

Failing as an executive chef/owner in New York City, the disgruntled Sam returns to work at his family’s restaurant in Atlantic City where he must overcome his disgust at his hometown’s condition, post Hurricane Sandy, and maybe even find love in the process.

Shot on location in post-Hurricane Sandy Atlantic City, A Rising Tide shows a town searching for hope amidst its decimated streets. Failing to fortify his family’s three-generation beach restaurant before the storm, Sam (Hunter Parrish) guiltily sulks around the salvaged kitchen serving mediocre cuisine. After fateful encounters with a wealthy investor (Tim Daly) and a recently separated and aspiring fashion designer (Ashley Hinshaw), Sam’s life begins to travel a more promising path. That is until the family restaurant is denied a loan by Sarah’s jealous husband and Sam’s family is suddenly without a place of business. Facing financial hardships, Sam must become stronger than the storm and realize that true wealth comes not from money, but through family and friends.

DIRECTOR: Ben Hickernell
CAST: Hunter Parrish, Ashley Hinshaw, Tim Daly, Victor Slezak, Jonathan Togo
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 98 min
Thursday, October 29

2:35pm EDT

A Rising Tide Ritz East B

Friday, October 30

7:40pm EDT