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Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation

You know the story. You know the characters. You know every stunt, every gag, every line. But you’ve never seen a film re-interpretation of Raiders of the Lost Ark like this before.

In 1981, long before today’s glut of YouTube fan films, there were the Raiders kids: three boys whose underdog tenacity carried them through a seven-year endeavor to make their own version of Steven Spielberg’s landmark action movie. The Adaptation slowly pulls you in with the goofy, reverent charms of the opening Temple incursion scene, but after totally nailing the thrilling boulder gag, viewers are happily along for the ride with these clever kids and wondering how they’re going to pull off what’s next. Their version of the famous truck chase (one of the greatest action scenes ever filmed), complete with real moving trucks and real kids fighting on, falling off, hanging under, and dragging behind is possibly more exhilarating than Spielberg’s version. There seems to be no limit to their garage filmmaking wizardry. The boys employ stunts, pyrotechnics, a basement set redressed as a dozen locations, live snakes, and low-fi camera trickery to replicate the big-budget brilliance of their favorite movie. Screened in conjunction with Raiders!, the documentary about their journey, The Adaptation is a triumph of ingenuity over technical limitations, a celebration of movie making, and a gift to film fans everywhere.

CAST: Chris Strompolos, Angela Rodriguez, Eric Zala
YEAR: 1989
LENGTH: 100 min
Sunday, October 25

2:55pm EDT