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When they were kids, they made their own version of Raiders of the Lost Ark, beat for beat, shot for shot, and twenty-five years later, they’re back together to finish The Adaptation in this hilarious, fun-filled documentary.

In 1981, the first Indiana Jones adventure landed like a bomb on the minds of Mississippian eleven-year-olds Chris and Eric. There was only one way to express their love of Spielberg’s instant classic: to remake it on video with Chris in the role of Indy, Eric directing, and their oddball friend Jason bringing his peculiar technical know-how to the camera, stunts, and pyrotechnic effects department. Over seven years they filmed, performing all their own incredibly dangerous stunts (and nearly burning down at least one house) to recreate every moment in loving, low-tech glory… Except one. Now in their 40s, they’re back together to film their version of what was once unfilmable: a six-minute fight scene on a full-scale flying wing that must eventually blow up. Raiders! isn’t just a documentary, it’s a time machine: we simultaneously watch these boys grow up through filmmaking and the men they’ve become, each struggling in his own way with the legacy of their remake as they roll cameras on Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation one last time. Raiders! is a genuine crowd-pleaser showing how movies can bring us together and how moviemaking can help some discover themselves.

DIRECTOR: Jeremy Coon, Tim Skousen
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 104 min
Friday, October 23

7:00pm EDT

Sunday, October 25

12:00pm EDT

12:35pm EDT