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Man Up

Clever but slightly raunchy, Man Up provides a twist on the mistaken identity romantic comedy, infused with a sharp and honest look at modern relationships.

Man Up focuses on Nancy (Lake Bell), who’s perpetually single and given up on ever finding Mr. Right at age 34. A mix-up puts Nancy inadvertently in the path of Jack (Simon Pegg), who is looking to meet up with his 24-year-old blind date. She jumps on this unexpected opportunity. The pair discover an immediate chemistry and head out on the town together, all the while Nancy struggles to maintain her identity as a twenty-something. As the evening progresses, it becomes clear that both parties realize there might be more to the other than first let on. Nancy’s cover is put at risk when they run into her former high-school classmate who has been long-harboring an obsessive crush. Set against the backdrop of London, hopping to various sites throughout the city as their misadventures escalate, Man Up is a crowd-pleasing, hilarious romantic comedy.

DIRECTOR: Ben Palmer
CAST: Lake Bell, Simon Pegg, Rory Kinnear
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 88 min
Sunday, October 25

7:20pm EDT

Wednesday, October 28

4:45pm EDT