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After burying his father and negotiating his divorce settlement, middle-aged David Lamb befriends a young girl in a parking lot and vows to save her from a desolate upbringing.

Writer/director Ross Partridge’s adaptation of Bonnie Nadzam’s novel Lamb weaves a complicated relationship between a grief stricken David and 11-year-old Tommie (Southpaw’s Oona Laurence). David seeks to show the impressionable Tommie the beauty of the world, but his intentions never seem to be as altruistic as he lets on. Escaping the emotional fallout from a deceased father, divorce, and an in-office affair with a much younger co-worker, David convinces Tommie to run away with him for a couple of days to his family’s secluded cabin. The trip proves to take much longer than promised, yet the always-charming David is able consistently to manipulate Tommie into staying with him for a few more days. Writer/director/actor Partridge has constructed a provocative, yet oddly touching tale of two very different people at significant crossroads in their lives.

DIRECTOR: Ross Partridge
CAST: Ross Partridge, Oona Laurence
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 96 min
Tuesday, October 27

2:10pm EDT

Wednesday, October 28

7:00pm EDT