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In this SXSW winning family drama, sixty-something recovering addict Krisha attends a family Thanksgiving after being absent from their lives for more than a decade. But not everyone is pleased to with her homecoming

Blaming her tardiness on her GPS, Krisha’s late-arrival to a Thanksgiving dinner immediately stirs buried, uneasy emotions in the attendees. Many guests of the dinner are new additions to the family that are new to Krisha due to her extended absence from their lives. While her sister, nieces, and nephews welcome Krisha with trepidation, her son finds it much more difficult to do. When she volunteers to handle the preparation and roasting of the 30-pound turkey, it is only a matter of time before things goes wrong. With a unique, often brain-churning soundtrack matched with kinetic editing, Krisha is a refreshing descent into creative sensory overload that mimes the titular character’s own experiences. The film heralds the unique new voice of writer/director Trey Edward Shuts, who used a majority of his actual family as cast members in this fiercely independent work of fiction.

DIRECTOR: Trey Edward Shults
CAST: Krisha Fairchild, Robyn Fairchild, Bill Wise, Chris Doubek, Olivia Grace Applegate, Chase Joliet, Alex Dobrenko, Bryan Casserly, Augustine Frizzell, Trey Edward Shults
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 83 min

IN COMPETITION: First Feature Award
Thursday, October 29

4:45pm EDT

Friday, October 30

7:15pm EDT