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After four decades of ruling Philadelphia’s culinary scene with his world-renowned restaurant, Le Bec-Fin, Chef Georges Perrier must fight to keep his reign as times and tastes change.

In 1970, Georges Perrier was one of the first to introduce America to authentic French cuisine when he opened his restaurant Le Bec-Fin. The traditional French eatery was quickly deemed one of the country’s best, and helped put Philadelphia on the culinary map. Known for his fiery antics and demands for perfection, Perrier was the king of the 1980s and 90s, and inspired generations of chefs to come. But as times changed, so did tastes, leaving the once great restaurant struggling to stay relevant. At the age of 67, Perrier, having devoted his whole life to his work, fights to keep up with the pressures and demands of ever-evolving food trends. In a last ditch effort to reinvent his beloved restaurant, Perrier partners up with young chef Nicholas Elmi (winner of Top Chef 2014) in hopes of continuing his legacy. First-time director Erika Frankel follows Perrier over four years, capturing intimate and honest moments, while offering a firsthand glimpse at one of the last restaurants of a bygone era.

DIRECTOR: Erika Frankel
LANGUAGE: English, French
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 77 min
Sunday, October 25

7:25pm EDT

Tuesday, October 27

12:10pm EDT