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Invitation, The

A dinner party with estranged friends turns into something darker and more dangerous in this tense thriller from director Karyn Kusama.

Will is understandably apprehensive when he and his new girlfriend drive deep into the Hollywood hills for a reunion dinner with a group of old friends. The reason? It’s hosted by his ex-wife in the home she and Will used to share. Tragedy tore their marriage apart, and now, as he pensively wanders through once-familiar rooms, Will can’t separate his sorrowful memories from a gnawing sense that something is horribly wrong. Anxiously observing his ex-wife, her new husband, and the two strangers they have welcomed into this intimate gathering, he grows frustrated with his other friends, who seem more interested in expensive wine than in wondering why there are locks on all the doors and bars on every window. In her most electrifying work since her debut, Girlfight, Kusama accomplishes a rare feat: delivering a nail-biting thriller that also packs an emotional punch. Favoring a slow-brewed atmosphere of dread over cheap surprises and easy scares, she builds the tension out of her characters’ painful pasts, making their fight for survival—both mentally and physically—all the more meaningful.

DIRECTOR: Karyn Kusama
CAST: Michiel Huisman, Logan Marshall-Green, John Carroll Lynch
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 100 min
Wednesday, October 28

2:50pm EDT

Thursday, October 29

9:40pm EDT