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Three quirky idealists bond together in this engaging and ambitious character study that boldly tackles social issues while showing us that relationships and friendships come in all forms.

Writer/director Alison Bagnall begins her film with Gene, whose marriage has failed but continues to live with his ex, going door-to-door in an upper-class neighborhood trying to rally support for his work to conquer childhood obesity. Facing little success, in large part due to his abrasive manner, he happens upon the wealthy, idiosyncratic Titty and they click. Despite his rather juvenilely-manifested desire to get a lady in his life, Titty has had little actual contact with women and has only been able to forge internet connections. His online romance/friendship with the beautiful but reclusive Ginger has provided some pleasure, but Gene thinks he should go for more. So Gene and Titty set out to find the real Ginger. Who they meet is not at all who Titty expected. The trio of misfits eventually work together on a bizarre journey to stake a place for themselves in a world that celebrates conformity in this platform for quirky individualism.

DIRECTOR: Alison Bagnall
CAST: Kentucker Audley, Joslyn Jensen, Olly Alexander, Louis Cancelmi, Josephine Decker, Anna Margaret Hollyman, Grace Gonglewski, Caridad de la Luz, Nicholas Webber
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 85 min

IN COMPETITION: Pinkenson Award
Sunday, November 1

1:30pm EST