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In this beautifully tantalizing film, a young boy attempts to uncover the truth behind the mysterious happenings of his remote seaside town.

The latest addition to a particular branch of enigmatic cinema that includes Under the Skin and Picnic at Hanging Rock—films that offer unique visions of unknowable worlds—Lucile Hadžihalilovic’s Evolution is part surreal fantasy, part paranoid thriller, and completely mesmerizing. Nicolas is a 10-year-old boy, living with his mother in an isolated seaside community composed entirely of 10-year-old boys and their mothers. He spends his days playing with the other boys and swimming in the tumultuous waters of the rocky coves, until one morning, he spies the body of young boy on the ocean floor. This discovery prompts him to start asking questions: What is the purpose of the extensive medical procedures he and all the boys are subjected to at the local hospital? Why can he not shake the feeling his mother is not really his mother? Exactly what are the women of the village doing under the moonlight in the tide pools along the coast? Resplendent with striking imagery and an unerring sense of tone, Hadžihalilovic’s Evolution is an impeccably crafted tale of the uncanny and the work of a cinematic artist.

DIRECTOR: Lucile Hadžihalilović
CAST: Max Brebant, Roxane Duran, Julie-Marie Parmentier, Nissim Renard
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 81 min
Monday, October 26

9:25pm EDT

Saturday, October 31

4:55pm EDT