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After receiving a red card in a regional Argentinian soccer game, captain and star player Patón spends his suspended time away from the game questioning his career and future in this touching drama.

The hotheaded Patón is celebrated for his quick temper and equally quick quips on and off the field. He plays for a D league soccer team in Buenos Aires and is often baited by heckling fans disgusted with his team’s lackluster performance. When he finds himself suspended from the league for an illegal tackle, Patón must come to terms with aging and the decisions made in life. His loyalty to the sport has left him without a proper education and means for an alternative career. Patón turns to his supportive wife Ale to provide tutoring in hopes of obtaining a diploma. With entrepreneurial ideas that range from a laundromat to a clothing delivery service, Patón is able to transfer his devotion to the beautiful game to creating new opportunities for Ale and himself. Striking a balance between poignancy and comedy, El Cinco explores what happens when the lights go out on the field and life continues to go on.

DIRECTOR: Adrián Biniez
CAST: Esteban Lamothe, Julieta Zylberberg, Nestór Guzzini, Matias Castelli, Alfonso Tort
COUNTRY: Argentina
YEAR: 2014
LENGTH: 100 min
Monday, October 26

12:05pm EDT

Tuesday, October 27

2:50pm EDT