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Breaking a Monster

This documentary chronicles the rise of the heavy metal band, Unlocking the Truth, made up of three 13-year-old boys, as they navigate the pressures of both fame and adolescence.

In 2013, a YouTube video of the band performing in Times Square goes viral, and catches the attention of the media and the music industry. The video stands out, not only because the heavy metal band is made up of seventh graders, but because its members are African-American—something unique to the genre. Director Luke Meyer follows the band, made up of Malcolm Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins, and Alec Atkins as they rise to stardom, breaking down racial and musical barriers along the way. With the help of their manager, a seasoned industry vet with an eye for young talent, the band inks a record deal with Sony worth 1.8 million dollars. At first the boys are seduced by the perks of fame. They open concerts for their idols and perform at the country’s biggest music festivals. But when the adult demands of the industry become too much for the boys, they begin to crack under the pressure, causing them to question what sacrifices they are willing to make for their rock-and-roll dreams.

DIRECTOR: Luke Meyer
YEAR: 2015
LENGTH: 93 min
Friday, October 23

4:45pm EDT

Sunday, October 25

5:10pm EDT